de personas y organizaciones tanto a nivel nacional como internacional

Pintos & Salgado Abogados has great experience in defending the online reputation of individuals and organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to this experience, as well as a deep knowledge of the Internet and the Law applicable to new technologies, P&S constitutes a reliable defense for the protection of the rights of its clients on the Internet: right to honor, right to privacy, protection of data, trademark rights, own image, weighting of freedom of information and expression, protection of minors, etc.

Based on this, Pintos & Salgado Abogados, has developed a complete protocol of action, under continuous review and update, that significantly increases the options of withdrawing the most harmful information or opinions against the rights of its clients, in a completely confidential way, effective and efficient, regardless of the timely claim for compensation for damages caused.

All this, both extrajudicially (requests, communications, agreements, rectifications) and administratively (AEPD, administrative complaint, sanctions) and judicial (Conciliation acts, civil lawsuits and criminal complaints), ensuring and providing the means of electronic test with all the guarantees.


Protocol of extrajudicial and judicial actions against:

1.- Harmful information

1.- False and / or defamatory information.
1.1.1.- False imputation of crimes: Slander.
1.1.2.- Responsibility for publications in the media.
1.1.3.- Respect for the right of rectification.
1.1.4.- Inadvertent association of negative events with a
brand, organization or person.
1.2. Harmful truthful information:
1.2.1.- Lack of duty of secrecy.
1.2.2.- Privacy violations.
1.2.3.- Non-consensual transfers of data.
1.2.4.- Publicity of confidential and / or reserved information.
1.2.5.- Unlawful filtering of criminal and / or
administrative records.
1.2.6.- Violation of the right to be forgotten.

2.- Harmful opinions

2.1. Insults or insulting comments: Injuries.

2.2. Serious impairment of the image or dignity of a brand, organization or person.



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